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Ed Martinson’s RV6


Cleaning out your Hangar?

Why not list those items that you had forgotten about…..


Quite a while has passed since our classified area was updated, let’s all start fresh.
Please email me your items.  I suggest pictures with accurate descriptions on any item that you wish to sell or give away.  Your email address would be nice for those interested to contact you directly. Always much more interesting with an image.  The item will be listed for 30 days.  An update when your item has sold or you wish to remove it from the page would be appreciated.
Some samples are below…...

Wings for sale or free if you pick them up
all wings are as is, most have some damage, all flew once, no guarantees…I don’t have an email or any electricity.  You can pick them up anytime, call my 3rd wife for details.  She owns them...
For Sale, one man flying suit
complete with 4 missle launchers.  Stalls at just above a light jog.  Helmet is extra, call me at the VA hospital in Martinez.  The picture shows the suit prior to it’s last landing attempt.

The above samples are fictitious and are only presented to represent an idea of what could be listed on this site.  They will be removed as confirmed items are listed

This site is in constant change.  I appreciate any and all input.  Your input is important for the sucess and growth of the site.  Please contact me here.