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Ed Martinson’s RV6


Our new website!

Hello all you SacRVators.  Welcome to the new RVator’s website.  If you have been missing updates and recent news for a while, it is due to two issues.  The loss of support for the Microsoft program that the previous website was built on.  Due to this I have not been able to update the site.  Second, the lack of input from the membership.  That is probably, in part, due to the first issue, but there has been little if any reports or communication from SacRVator members.  

This website is totally new, although it was designed to look like the old site.  You will find that it is faster and will be viewable on all types of devices from cuputers to mobile phones.  I hope you enjoy the new site.  It’s success will depend on the level of interaction that is seen from the membership.
NEW ITEM:  The Van’s aircraft picture on the upper far right edge of this page, will be replaced each month with a featured photo of one of our member’s aircraft.  Along with  that photo will be an article with pictures about that particular project/aircraft.  Please let me know if you would like to have your aircraft featured.

Our first ever RVator of the month is our Grand Master and wizard of all things RV, Ed Martinson.  Each month we will feature an aircraft, pilot, project or whatever sounds and looks interesting.  Please send my your photos and story of your personal journey to build and fly an RV aircraft, or the one that got away.

The Sacramento RVators are an informal group of people in Northern Californians interested in Van's RV series of aircraft and Harmon / F1 Rockets. We get together about once a month, usually at a members hangar or home, to look over their project. We currently have 96 members, most of which are located in and around the Sacramento area. However, We have members as far south as Stockton and as far north as Red Bluff. We have 46 flying RV's in the club.

This web site is a supplement to our monthly newsletter. The intent is to have a place to store information from the newsletter that may be of interest to future builders and a method of communicating with the group on a ongoing basis.

If you are interested in joining our group, go to the membership page and download an application.

I would like more input from the group. Please send me your digital pictures with notes. Anything about your aircraft, flight plans, experiences. Also, If you have ideas to make this site more than it is currently, please let me know...If you have multiple pictures, please send me a link to any photo storage site, ie., or others. Just upload your photos and pass the link on to me and I will take it from there.. Dave

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